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There are numerous attorneys who claim to handle DUI (driving under the influence) cases in Sacramento, California. They claim to be knowledgeable, but only a few have the background and experience to properly handle these cases. Driving Under the Influence is a criminal charge in California that can potentially carry a wide variety of punitive actions. Throughout the state and the rest of the country, drunk driving laws are becoming more rigorous and…

Criminal Defense Lawyer Traffic Tickets

Traffic Violations / Speeding Tickets

Driving through the hills and cities of Northern California is breathtaking; however, a vacation or trip to town can quickly be ruined if you are pulled over for a traffic violation. Approximately 35,000,000 people across the country will receive traffic tickets this year, mostly for speeding. As many as 95% of these tickets are not contested. California drivers, tourists passing through, and commercial drivers who are ticketed need to know that they can fight their…

Sacramento Expungement Attorney

Record Expungement

Have you run into a problem or restriction because of a past arrest and criminal charge, even though you were never convicted? This has become much more common in the Internet age, with extensive background-checking much more accessible for employers and others across the spectrum of society. As recently as a few years ago a deferred adjudication or a dismissal was “good enough” and would satisfy almost anyone concerned about their criminal history…

Sacramento Appeals Lawyer


Persons accused or convicted of a crime often feel overwhelmed, frustrated and helpless. However, judges and prosecutors can make mistakes. Even the defendant’s own attorney may not provide competent and effective representation. When you have lost a trial or been convicted of a crime, it is not necessarily the final determination of your guilt. In order for a case to be appealed you must establish that a legal or procedural error affected the…

Sacramento Defense Assault


An assault is an act, a verbal threat or physical gesture that suggests an attack is imminent to another person. An assault is also the attempted striking, beating, or other use of violent force against someone else. The actual striking or attacking itself is called a battery. People who commit assault or battery may or may not use a weapon to physically hurt their victims. Assault charges are usually the result of very frightening and highly emotionally charged people and situations…

Sacramento Resisting Arrest Attorney

Resisting Arrest

The Resisting Arrest Law in California prohibits individuals from willfully resisting, delaying, or obstructing officers or EMTs (emergency medical technician) from performing their duties. Resisting Arrest is a misdemeanor which carries a maximum of one year in jail and/or up to a $1000 fine. Having this conviction on your criminal record will not make things easy for you should you have another police encounter in the future. While the consequences may not seem …